Lithium Ion Battery YTZ10S, YTZ12S, YTZ14S

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  • 300 Cold Cranking Amps!
  • We offer a 2 year warranty on this battery!
  • We recommend this special charger.
  • This Lithium Ion battery is a great alternative to a standard lead acid battery at a 1/3rd the weight
  • Get improved performance from this rigorously tested unit
  • Rechargeable with high current, 90% recharge within 6 minutes
  • more than 2000 cycles under JISD standard
  • No acid inside, so no spill/leaks, contains no heavy metal, environmentally friendly
  • State-of-the-art Lithium Ferrous Phosphate (LiFePO4) technology
  • Yuasa cross reference YTZ10S, YTZ12S AND YTZ14S