Speedymoto Frame Sliders with Standard Puc, Scrambler 2015-19

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  • 17-4 stainless steel engine stud.
    • Precision-ground, thread-formed, quenched and tempered to an aircraft grade tensile strength of 185,000 psi, this stud far surpasses OEM specs (as well as other manufactures) in both strength and wear-ability.
  • Stainless steel integral engine nuts and slider support, not unlike the high-strength engine bolts used by Ducati race teams.
    • Corrosion resistant and strain-hardened stainless steel is ideal for the crucial applications of holding your motor in, supporting the entire chassis, and providing a reliable platform for the actual slider.
  • Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) plastic for the slider puck.
    • Unlike other plastics, the unbelievably low friction coefficient of this plastic makes it practically glide on the pavement. By using this material the risk of 'grabbing' is reduced, avoiding turning a smooth low side into the dreaded catastrophic high side.
  • Designed to retain the factory heat shield.

Ducati Scrambler 2015-2019 (all models except Scrambler 62