Ca Cycleworks Ducati Pico Fuel Injectors, Brown (pair)

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Matched injectors for early-to-mid EFI Ducati Monsters using brown IWP PICO injectors.

Ca Cycleworks purchases from the factory as "matched pairs" within a very narrow specification. They then take these and re-test them in-house and re-group the injectors while considering their flow values at narrow, middle, and wide pulse-widths, with emphasis in that order. This gives their matched injectors superior performance at partial throttle as well as WOT conditions!

Replaces Ducati OE &

In depth: In another industry first, California Cycleworks is taking things to another level! Most specialists selling fuel injectors sell “matched” sets. While researching injectors' performance (both OEM and from aftermarket factories), we saw that the automotive industry has little concern about injectors' relative performance.

Injectors are spec'd by GPH, LPH, or CC/min with the injector simply turned on. In real life, no injectors are simply turned on and left on. Injectors with the same specification would have up to 20% variation of flow at narrow pulse-widths, such as at idle and barely-open throttle positions!

Installed on a typical two-valve air cooled Ducati with slightly too-rich running conditions, these injectors bring a welcome and unexpected smoothness to throttle delivery. The testers were surprised at the affect this has on otherwise normal bikes. Overall flow values will vary from bike to bike and also from one of our matched pairs to another. At the very least, access to adjusting trim is considered a minimum requirement for installing these injectors. Ideally, these would be part of a careful air-fuel ratio test and calibration of the fuel system, such as done by a dyno tuning center.


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Ducati Monster M1000

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Ducati Monster M900ie

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Ducati Monster M695

Ducati Monster M620

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Ducati Sport Classics SC 1000

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Ducati Sport Touring ST3 (2006-on)

Ducati Hypermotard HM1100 (2008-2009)

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